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Business Opportunity

CEO Clubs Valued Member is looking for Partner/Client to Build a Solar Power Plant for Government & Private Companies

The company is a South African renewable energy company with innovation solutions aimed at driving economic growth.

Their expertise and footprint in the energy generated and consumption in South Africa and Africa region prompted it to explore generation, manufacturing and supply of green energy products. It is aim to reduce the carbon footprint and provide clean green energy, affordable and accessible to all consumers.

Why you should Invest?

Solar power stations are Chinese technology. The company build their own power stations and sell power to power companies. They also build small and medium-sized power stations on the side of enterprises. For African corporate customers, without initial investment, they can provide value by having a stable power supply.

If a country has the connections to take a license, land and sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the Power company, they can also work together to build the Power station by themselves.

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