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Business Opportunity

Looking for Investors for Trading the Mining Equipment (South Africa) with a repeating 8% yield

The mining sector in South Africa has been under huge strain for the past few years and only further aggravated by recent Covid Pandemic. But in difficult times come opportunity.

In the past, CEO Clubs Members’ business model was purely on to ‘buy and sell’ equipment. With their 20+ years of experience in the import & export field of mining and construction equipment, they has managed to build up a vast international client base, staying in tune with the international market, knowing which models sell into which regions and following the international supply and demand, taking advantage of both stronger and weaker exchange rates.

The company is extremely well place strategically. Being that it is now operating not only in buying and selling of equipment, but also in the rental and leasing space. Thereby creating their own stock to sell onwards. To stay ahead of the competitive market in SA a company needs to be able to make decisions fast and have access to cash immediately. Especially now that the market is so strained, ‘cash is king.’ The company’s Plant and Equipment are coming across numerous opportunities to buy equipment at “forced sale value”, not only in South Africa but in other parts of the World, but in order to take advantage of this they need additional access to funds at very short notice. The Company’s proposal:

Access to a ZAR40m $2.5 fund.

8% interest over 3 months, escalating to 12% at end of month 4. Essentially the opportunity will amount to three transactions per annum. The company are open on how to structure the transaction, which can suite both parties.

Important Notes:

• Ownership to be structured at 100% investors until paid in full (after month 3 or 4 respectively)

• Cash needs to be accessible at short notice 48 hrs max.

• MHS to cover all additional expenses related to deal: logistics, insurance repair etc.

The company are seeking a long-term partnership and an ultimate joint venture whereby transactions are completed on a deal for deal basis. Attached is the Company’s Profile.

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