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Invest in an Award Winning Video Production Company

Brief Introduction:

Be part of an organization that is at the tipping point of tremendous growth. The company is a 10-year-old award winning video production company winning awards from the likes of the New York Festivals and Cannes. Their portfolio of clients include Government entities such as Dubai Airport Free zone Authority and Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), broadcasters such as National Geographic and the BBC, large multinationals such as Amazon, Sephora, Reebok and LG, large regional corporates such as Petrochem, Gulf Marketing Group and Petrofac and a wide range of smaller startup companies.

Why you should invest?

Video is the new normal! As most industries have been hit during the global pandemic, the video content industry has seen extreme growth with content consumption reaching an all-time high. Video content consumption has increased by 80% in Q3 of 2020. Whilst video engagement is at an all time high,that is not the only reason why we feel this is the perfect time to invest in this company. Below are some core reasons:

  • Given the current climate this is an attractive investment opportunity.
  • With Expo 2020, this promises to be a busy year for the UAE market and will see a boom in tourism and corporates entering Dubai for the expo who will all need marketing and video support.
  • The company has already secured & received the signed contract for a large Government project in connection with Expo 2020 which means confirmed revenue for both 2021 and 2022 is secured. The partner who can benefit most from this opportunity will be one that:
  • Is perhaps based internationally and exploring ways to break into the UAE and MENA market.
  • Wants to break into the market in a strong position with a very strong respectable client base and with an existing prestigious contract and confirmed revenue for the next two years.
  • Offers a synergistic service or product and would like to tap into the company client base and network to cross sell other services perhaps events, pr, communications etc.
  • Has suffered challenges in their current line of work and looking to diversify into an industry that is experiencing growth and add a new revenue stream.
  • More details can be made available for those interested. The timeline is to close an investment partner by December 2020 and launch a new decade with our new partner in place.

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