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Business Opportunity

Looking for Investors in Acquiring a Fast Growing Kids Focus Academy

  • The company was established in late 2017, and began operations in 2018 as a sports education program for young kids.
  • Its core mission is to give UAE pre-school and nursery children (aged 2 to 7 years) an early opportunity to discover sports in a fun, welcoming and pressure-free environment.
  • Extracurricular Activities at Nurseries and Schools.
  • Academy Services in different venues across Dubai.

Why you should invest?

  • The company experienced significant growth up until COVID-19.
  • The Business has grown rapidly since its inception with a growth rate of 100% and an average NP% of 20%.
  • The company has both flat fees and revenue-based agreements with its partner institutions.
  • Program tried & tested in 20 countries in 5 continents, and with over 20,000 kids; activities proven to aid early development of child’s cognitive and motor skills & help build and improve self-confidence.

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