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CEO Clubs Valued Member Looking for Water Treatment Technology 

Founded in 2008, CEO Clubs Valued Member is engaged in research and development, production, sales, engineering service and operation and maintenance management, etc. of environmental protection and energy conservation technology and products. It provides customers with overall process of water environment technology solution. Its service scope consists of preliminary technical consulting service, core unit supply, engineering EPC construction, BOT and PPP investment, equipment installation and waterworks agency operation and so on.

Its business scope covers urban water supply, municipal sewage treatment and deep recycling, industrial sewage treatment (involving the areas of petrochemical, fine chemical engineering, power plant, food processing and hospital, etc.), industry zero emission and so on. It actively expands river regulation, solid waste treatment, soil recovery, sponge city construction and so forth. Meanwhile, it is also deeply engaged in research, development and promotion of intelligent waterworks operation.

If you have technology in the above areas, please reach us.

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